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Illustrative whiskies – phenols (Public)

The Phenol family is fundamental in the world of whisky aromas – it being manifested to a greater or lesser extent by the presence, or absence, of the heavily scented peaty-medicinal-smoky phenols which we will meet in future aroma blogs. We can begin to differentiate the hundreds of whiskies with respect to the level of phenol present. My choice of three below, may be controversial, for an element of controversy is going to ‘dog’ us at every stage in the future as we deal with the phenols and their odours.

We really need to sort-out new aroma molecules as standards for the domain which encompasses – phenolic/peaty/smoky/medicinal – so that we can all agree exactly on what we mean by these terms. We have created the Whisky Aroma Kits to be your key starting point for aroma standards for these aroma terms. In the whiskies described below, your nose might very well decide that any of these descriptors (peaty/smoky/medicinal) might be more apposite than phenolic. Collectively, with a good vocabulary and aroma standards, we can begin to sort-out these magical aroma nuances.

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