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Welcome to the Whisky Aroma Academy Blog.

It is our objective at the Aroma Academy to provide educational and fun content to help develop ;

  • Aroma Recognition Skills
  • Mastery of the Sense of Smell
  • Knowledge regarding the source of flavour and aromas

and, whatever your particular area of interest – be it Fine Wines, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, other leading Spirits, World Beers or Fine Foods – we aim to provide an interactive journey that is not only a learning experience but also a lot of fun along the way!

‘Have you an ambition to found a new science? Why not measure a smell? Can you measure the difference between one kind of smell and another?…..Until you can measure their likenesses and their differences you can have no science of odour.’ Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

The Whisky Aroma Academy Blogs and associated newsletters explore the myriad of aromas associated with Whisky which provide the many different Whisky brands and expressions with their unique flavour profiles. They will also provide you with the opportunity to develop your mastery of the Sense of Smell and your aroma recognition skills to whatever level you desire – be it “Appreciation,” “Connoisseur” or “Expert.”

The Aroma Academy is developing a whole series of niche Aroma Academies, each of which is based on our core expertise in “Aroma Science” and the “Sense of Smell.” In this endeavour we have the unique advantage of having Dr George Dodd as the Director of Science & Technology at The Aroma Academy. George has the unique combination of not only being a bio-chemist and world renowned expert on the sense of smell but also a Master Perfumer with an incredible interest in “all things Aroma” which has manifested itself, in particular in recent years, in the fields of Wine and Spirits – and which has laid much of the foundation for the “Whisky Aroma Academy” as well as the “Wine Aroma Academy” and the “Gin Aroma Academy.”

As the names suggest, each of the Aroma Academies focus on particular fields and this focus will be reflected in the on-going blogs and newsletters. However, it is our intention, as each Aroma Academy blog is developed, to begin each one with a common first entry – focused on the basics of the “Sense of Smell” and the “Source of Flavour” as this represents the key common thread in each area (see blog1.)

What is really exciting about this enterprise is that we will gradually build-up a community of trained noses in a particular aroma arena – whisky – wine – beer (yes – the German beer industry has asked us a beer aroma training kit) – gin– perfume – scents – and many others. By sharing information we can all help each other keep abreast of the aroma trends.

When we have achieved a critical mass of calibrated noses – then we can start a minor aroma revolution.  Instead of relying on the opinion of a single expert (no matter how eminent) on a classic Scotch Single Malt Whisky or the latest Gin brand or perfume from some trendy company, we can muster a large number of trained noses from all parts of the world – no matter how remote -and we can collectively have a “group sniff” and pronounce on the merits of the aroma or scent profile. For, truly, one nose is not a nose – we need a spectrum of noses so that the entirety of a flavour or aroma profile can be disclosed. This will be a world 1st and could well “shake-up” some of the more complacent companies and individuals in the many aroma industries.

So welcome to the world of the Aroma Academy, enjoy the blog entries and newsletters – the majority of which will be developed by Dr George Dodd – and together, let us open up that most neglected of senses – The Sense of Smell!

Alan Gordon, Director, The Aroma Academy

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